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The biggest issue companies face today is turnover of key positions; losing intrinsic knowledge about processes and procedures. Also, with today’s mobile workforce, the injury reporting process has become increasingly difficult. The user does not have to be a workers’ comp or safety expert, and doesn’t want or need to be one. The app enables anyone with knowledge of a workplace incident/injury to gather, complete, and transmit the needed information to those with a need to know (company HR, insurance company, TPA, MCO, treating facility/physician, company attorney). It is designed to enable those closest to the incident/injury to quickly gather, photograph, and record incident, treatment, witness, scene, and follow-up information while the information and memories are fresh. Using the app, those without workers’ comp training and/or exposure can easily complete and transmit an incident/injury report. The app will report all OSHA recordable and reportable incidents and keep employers compliant. The app includes a process improvement section that allows employers to quickly identify key areas for safety improvement. This will enable employers to measure the effectiveness of their safety programs, determine leading indicators of risk and identify where their next injury is likely to occur.




Stop being overwhelmed by the ever-changing reporting requirements

Process Improvement

Make informed business decisions

Data Consolidation

Stop using spreadsheets

Risk Management

Manage the risks before they manage you

Injury Reporting

Get the purest, most accurate information as soon as possible



Intuitive design for ease-of-use by first time and non-technical users.


Clear instructions provide guidance during an emergency situation.

Photos & Signature

Incident photos and reporter signature are taken within the app.


Critical information fields require input so that nothing can be overlooked.


Clickable options ensure responses are consistent with OSHA requirements.

Voice Memo

Witness reports can be recorded on-scene with the voice memo feature.

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